In recent years, the health care industry has been more tumultuous than ever. With health care reform, hospital mergers, shifting regulations and societal trends, every segment of the health care industry must adapt at breakneck speed - from health care systems and physician groups to pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers. At Loop, we stay abreast of the ever-morphing health care market, so that we can recognize, attract and develop the leaders each health care industry needs to succeed. From strategic search to executive succession planning, we offer a full range of talent solutions.

For hard to fill positions, its nice to turn the process over to LOOP. They've now filled key roles in our Software Development, Marketing, and IT departments and we've been very pleased by their approach to finding talent.

- Brian Rhodes,

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Finding exceptional personnel in today's job market is a tall order, yet absolutely imperative to take your business to the next level. You've got to have the right person for the job - and it takes the right kind of person to find them. We're personal, we're flexible and we're passionate. Lets connect today and leverage our talent to find yours.

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