Engaged and talented people are the most valuable asset of any business and the greatest predictor of success. When your company needs to fill vital executive and professional positions, it takes more than a recruiter. It takes a team of devoted experts that wear a multitude of hats to seek out candidates that will be the right fit both professionally and culturally. At Loop, we are researchers, trend watchers, miners, analysts, listeners, connectors, and negotiators applying a myriad of skills to unite the right talent with your company and its goals. We pinpoint the gaps in your current landscape and artfully close them for ultimate success.

Our Approach

"No man ever listened himself out of a job." - Calvin Coolidge

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Throughout our partnership with Loop, their team has done a wonderful job of finding qualified candidates in multiple offices across the southeast.

- Lanier Milner, Milner Technology Services

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    Our discovery process is more than just a job description, we'll collaborate with your team to identify the ideal candidate profile. job, team, and firm based competencies. We'll also define expectations to ensure successful business partnership.

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    Over ninety percent of our placed candidates are passive job seekers, meaning those who are not actively searching for a job. The breadth of our talent community includes traditional online channels, professional organizations, colleges, and universities.

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    We deliver candidates who align with the desired profile. We often use assessments to evaluate aptitude and specific skillsets.

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    We'll guide you through the selection process, and make the final pitch in selling the position and the organization to the candidate.

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Connecting People, Professions and Innovative Ideas.

Finding exceptional personnel in today's job market is a tall order, yet absolutely imperative to take your business to the next level. You've got to have the right person for the job - and it takes the right kind of person to find them. We're personal, we're flexible and we're passionate. Lets connect today and leverage our talent to find yours.

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