Processes. Strategy. Training. Development. Compensation. Compliance. Conflicts. The focuses of human resource management are numerous, challenging and ever evolving - not to mention overwhelming for the small to mid-size business owner to tackle while trying to remain productive and efficient. From implementing standard practices to guiding you through the sensitive issues that arise, you can turn to Loop as a trusted HR partner. As needs vary from day to day and company to company, we customize solutions based on your individual challenges. We create employee manuals and parental leave policies. We translate talent analytics. We also assist with training, development, certifications and software. Whatever your need, we've more than likely encountered it before. And if we haven't, we can create an innovative solution.

Our Approach

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." - Henry Ford

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HR Strategy

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Tech Consulting

ACC partnered with Loop to secure key personnel as part of an RFP for the State Department. We came to them with a very specific and unique request - they created an innovative solution and delivered beyond our expectations.

- Mason McKnight IV, ACC Construction

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    HR Strategy + Advisory

    Loop's HR Strategy + Advisory Solutions include best practices and direction. We've built and modernized policies and programs across many industries.

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    Talent Analytics

    Our compensation studies evaluate your workforce from end to end, helping you obtain a competitive advantage in new and emerging markets as well as improve employee retention.

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    Training + Development

    We can help you develop your workforce to meet ever changing certification requirements. IT Infrastructure, database, and development - we've got you covered.

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    Technology Consulting

    Our team has extensive experience ranging from hardware and software to cloud based solutions - let one of our project management professionals champion your efforts from search and selection to purchase and implementation.

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Finding exceptional personnel in today's job market is a tall order, yet absolutely imperative to take your business to the next level. You've got to have the right person for the job - and it takes the right kind of person to find them. We're personal, we're flexible and we're passionate. Lets connect today and leverage our talent to find yours.

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