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Loop operates according to a best-in-class framework with defined tools, features, and processes. Core to this framework is a 4-phase methodology that ensures we apply a consistent and robust process across all touch points, from planning to placement.


We will meet with you to discuss the requirements for the role. This allows us to gather information about the requirements of the role. More importantly, this process enables us to interact with your team to understand the management style and corporate culture of your organization. We believe that a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical to the success of both our firm and our client partners.

Our discovery process includes a collaborative creation of the job description. We'll detail the reporting relationships, responsibilities, and objectives of the role. We will also define core competencies, preferred experience, and soft skills of the ideal candidate.

The discovery process concludes with a project plan that includes a defined interview process, timeline or recruiting activities, and target compensation package.


Our scouting process begins with creating a list of target organizations and comparable job titles. This strategy considers the level and scope of comparable roles as well as candidate location, corporate culture and potential interest in changing positions. 90% off our placed candidates are passive job seekers, meaning those who are not actively looking for a new position. To find them, we use our client database, proprietary information services, and social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and position specific platforms.

Our team will contact prospective candidates to determine whether they meet the primary requirements of the role and gathers details on the candidate's interest in the position. We then review the list of qualified, interested candidates and create a short list of six to ten candidates for initial client review.

Our short list will contain all pertinent information including a resume and detailed notes on the candidate based on our initial screening. We'll include our assessment of the candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and appropriateness for the position. We will also highlight key motivators, issues, and deal-making details essential to closing the candidate.


The filtering process is a collaborative effort between our team and yours. We typically schedule a web-based interview with the candidate and a small group from your team. Our team will then meet with the entire selection committee to discuss the interviews and create a list of finalists. If additional candidate information is needed prior to selecting finalists, we will gather that information and report it back to the selection committee.

Successful candidates will then be invited to interview with the selection committee in person. This interview will be conducted by the entire committee, with a debrief after the candidate interviews are completed. We can help navigate the process of determining who is the best candidate for the role and reference our initial discovery process to ensure the team stays on course.


Matching the ideal candidate to the position is the most critical part of the process. Our team begins with conducting a comprehensive background check that includes references, criminal history, and a drug screen. The team makes every effort to ensure accuracy, discretion, and confidentiality.

We'll work closely with the client to define the compensation package. Our ability to navigate non-compete clauses and structure salary packages ensures that the candidates' integration into their new position is as seamless as possible.

There is often a period of time between the acceptance of an offer and the candidate start date. Our team will remain in close contact throughout this period to safeguard the candidate from counter offers and external threats.

Passive Sourcing Activity

  • Develop postings that are optimized for search (SEO) and marketing (SEM)
  • Distribute to all mainstream job boards such as; LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and local/niche sites like Dice and Zip Recruiter
  • Work with local partners to attract talent and create awareness
  • Utilize existing candidate network

Active Sourcing Activity

  • Systematically source passive candidates from LinkedIn, social sites, networking events, etc.
  • Direct marketing efforts via banner ads, social, digital channels, traditional marketing
  • Email marketing campaigns to Loop contacts/candidates in database
  • Engage local, national, and regional networks in arts and community related fields