95% Retention

At LOOP we carefully interview and vet candidates for our clients. We not only ensure our candidates have the right skills for the job but we make sure that they are a good fit with our clients’ company culture, managers, and co-workers.  Since we began in April 2015, the candidates we’ve placed have a 94.87% retention rate.

Is your business looking for Tips for Retaining Your Best and Brightest in 2017?  We enjoyed a recent NASDQ article on how to improve employee retention:  Click Here to Read Article

In addition to the great tips shared in the NASDAQ article, we have added our own top 7 tips below…
1.  Hire Well – Be sure to research on the front end to be sure candidates are a good fit before hiring them
2.  Compensation Audit – Is your pay competitive? Review insurance and retirement plans as well as flextime and vacation perks.
3.  Work Environment – Does your work space reflect your company culture? Is it safe and comfortable?
4.  Training – Are you challenging your team and providing them with a variety of training tools/programs?
5.  Be All Ears – Are you listening to your employees? Do they feel that their opinions have value?
6.  Consistent Feedback – Consider monthly, quarterly and annual review “conversations”
7.  Praise – Are you recognizing your employee’s contributions and celebrating their successes?