When working with a recruiting agency, do you work directly with the recruiter or are you hands off, letting HR or Talent Acquisition manage the process? At Loop, we’ve long understood the value of collaborating with our clients and partnering directly with a hiring manager to help fill a critical position. But just how important is having the hiring manager involved? More than you would think! We’ve analyzed 24 months of data and discovered that in many cases, direct communication with a hiring manager is the deciding factor on if a position gets filled or remains open.

  • Loop successfully completes 84% of searches involving a direct line of communication with the hiring manager.
  • Loop successfully completes only 18% of searches in which the hiring manager is not involved at all.


Detailed Case Study

Loop surveyed data taken from multiple client partnerships that utilized our services for over 40 contingent searches over a span of 24 months. In these cases we partnered directly with the hiring managers and experienced mutual success. Data from those searches is included below.

  • Loop successfully completed 63% of contingent searches during this time
    • Factors contributing to unsuccessful searches include positions being canceled, put on hold, and internal referrals from employees offsetting the original need.
    • Searches that remained active for at least a month were completed successfully 88% of the time.

Loop surveyed data over this same period of 24 months among client partnerships in which the hiring manager was not involved at any point in the process. In these cases our team worked exclusively with HR or a Talent Acquisition Representative. Data from those searches is included below.

  • Loop successfully completed 25% of contingent searches during this time
    • We attribute our relatively lower success rate to gaps in communication as we attempted to address hiring manager needs without any direct contact.
    • We observed a negative correlation between reduced communication with the hiring manager and the rate of placement: the less we communicated with the hiring manager, the less likely we were to successfully complete the search for our clients.

Why is this important? Our team relies heavily on the information and feedback hiring managers provide about positions and candidates that will ultimately report into them. Internal HR teams typically do an excellent job of relaying information, but including the hiring manager ensures that no important details are lost in translation. As a result, our clients may experience a longer time-to-fill (TTF) due to candidates withdrawing (usually after receiving a competing offer from another company) over the course of a time-intensive hiring process. This can be burdensome for our clients, as both time and money are expended in this effort. We believe this inefficiency can be addressed by facilitating more direct communication between our Loop team and a given position’s hiring manager.