Administrative Professionals’ Day (also known as Administrative Assistant Day, Secretaries Day or Admin Day) is Wednesday, April 26, 2017. This is a day to highlight the important role of secretaries, assistants, receptionists, and all administrative support. Here are 5 simple ways to recognize your administrative professionals…

  1. Time Off – Chances are, your administrative professional is available any time of day he or she is needed – even weekends. Reward that flexibility with extra time off this year. Whether it’s a 4-hour “half day” or an 8-hour “full day” – having that extra time off might be just what they need.
  2. Flowers – Who doesn’t like the way a nice bouquet brightens up a work space. Nice flowers not only add color and a pleasant smell to the office but they also go a long way towards putting a priceless smile on your hard-working assistant’s face!
  3. Lunch – Your administrative professional has probably ordered many lunches for you and your team – why not order for him or her for a change? Surprise them with a delicious spread delivered to their desk.
  4. Gift Certificates – What makes them happy? Buy them a gift card for something they enjoy! Maybe a gift card to a store in the mall, a spa or massage, or a cool electronics gadget store.  If they’re more adventurous, consider a kayak rental, skydiving lessons or a hot air balloon ride for them and a guest! Have fun with this – the more thoughtful you are the better!
  5. Bonus – How would your administrative professional feel about coming to work to find a nice bonus at their desk? Regardless of the amount, a nice card coupled with some extra “spending money” is a great way to let them know you appreciate their hard work and contributions to the team.

We know how much you appreciate your administrative professionals, be sure to let them see you “show the love!” We hope these ideas were helpful. Let us know how you celebrate your support staff! #CelebrateAdmins