Among the most important dynamics in the recruiting industry is the working relationship between a hiring manager and a recruiting consultant. Often a recruiting consultant’s interactions with his or her candidates are prioritized above any client-facing conversation. After all, recruiters- as the job title suggests- are known for their ability to recruit candidates. At Loop, we’ve come to understand that a candid and constructive relationship between recruiting consultants and hiring managers is just as essential to making successful hires and ensuring long-term employment. Below we discuss three data points that demonstrate the importance of making the HM/RC relationship work!

Research from CareerBuilder shows that 57 percent of recruiting consultants feel that hiring managers do not understand recruiting, while 63 percent of hiring managers feel that recruiters do not understand the jobs they are filling. This indicates a disconnect in many HM/RC relationships and possibly a general lack of trust, but that isn’t a standard that either party should be willing to accept. Valuing the expertise of both hiring managers and recruiting consultants is a good first step. Establishing open communication, consistent feedback, and well-defined expectations from the onset of the recruitment process will help overcome any lingering reservations hiring managers and recruiting consultants may be harboring.

It may be a cliché, but data indicates that first impressions really are often lasting impressions. A study conducted by the World Economic Forum emphasized the importance of a first impression during the hiring process. This study of 9,000 candidates revealed that over half decided whether they would or would not accept a position after the initial interview, and 20 percent decided after the first recruiting touchpoint. What you do and say as a recruiting consultant and hiring manager at the beginning of the recruitment process can influence a candidate’s willingness to engage further in the process. When the HM/RC is strong and stable it makes a positive first impression, leading to a better pool of candidates in consideration.

Finally, a strong HM/RC relationship can impact long-term employment prospects as well. In one study conducted by Harvard Business Review, over 70 percent of turnover occurring within one year of employment was attributed to poor communication and decision making during the hiring process. This data point indicates that getting off on the wrong foot in the recruiting and hiring process can hurt your bottom line by drastically increasing turnover. Make is a mission to improve your technology, processes, AND relationships in order to ensure your employees are properly screened and selected for their long-term potential.

To all the hiring managers, decision makers, and leaders who we partner with daily- we appreciate the effort you put into your relationships with Loop recruiters!