As the newest member of the Loop Recruiting team, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first few weeks on the job. My intuitions and first impressions were all positive, but I knew it would take a while to get to know the people I would be working with. It wasn’t until my second week of work that I began to understand the specific niche Loop occupies in the space of human resource consulting here in Augusta. During that second week, a candidate I recruited was scheduled for an afternoon interview with one of our clients downtown. She had recently moved to South Augusta and was very excited about the new opportunity. Less than an hour before her scheduled interview time, she sent me an email letting me know that her car had broken down and she couldn’t make it to the interview. She had been trying to find a ride all morning without any success. To my mind, I wasn’t sure if there was any way she could get this job that meant so much to her.

I was at lunch with a few of my coworkers when I received her email, and I explained the situation to them. The first thing they asked me was where she lived. Then they checked the estimated time it would take to pick her up and drive her to the interview. They had about 30 minutes to make a 40 minute round trip drive, and they weren’t wasting any time. We called for the check and left lunch as quickly as we could. I called my candidate on the way back to the office and let her know that she had a ride on the way and that she should be prepared for her interview. “I couldn’t believe you all were a real company who would do this for me,” she told me in a recent conversation. I shared her sentiment- at that point, I knew I was working with an uncommon class of individuals. She got the job that same afternoon, and my coworkers ordered her an Uber back to her house.

At Loop, we are known for the recruiting and consulting we do in the world of cyber security and information technology. What that reputation sometimes fails to convey, however, is the commitment we have to treating all of our clients and candidates with an exceptional degree of respect and professional dedication. We recognize and appreciate the humanity inherent to the business of human capital. In order to be influencers in the space of human resource consulting, our first priority must always be caring about people, and understanding what motivates and conduces them to succeed in a professional environment. After my first few weeks, I can speak with confidence to the fact that Loop Recruiting has its priorities in order, and will continue to be committed to the goal of developing local businesses the right way, with precisely the right people.