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How Can Staffing Firms Be Innovative?

In today’s world innovation and flexibility is everything, especially in staffing firms. So when Bullhorn was putting together an Ebook…

Argos Health

Sara met Donald King, Loop’s Director of Staffing, at a Young Professionals of Augusta networking event. Sara was active in…


The discovery phase of Loop’s partnership with Unisys began in 2016, shortly after the company’s hiring of a new Site Director. At the time, Unisys was still relatively new to the Augusta market and had faced some initial challenges staffing their recently renovated 300-person call center. Unisys partners with a Managed Service Provider, The Pinnacle Group, which coordinates staffing relationships with multiple vendors to secure talent. Unisys recommended Loop’s services to The Pinnacle Group (Pinnacle) and we began the process of identifying challenges and exploring strategies to overcome them.


TaxSlayer, an Augusta-based online tax preparation company, has faced seasonal hiring challenges since its inception in the early 2000’s. The company’s call volume increases steadily for roughly six months leading up to Tax Day in mid-April, and then falls off dramatically beginning in May. This results in a unique need for skilled, informed employees for nearly half the calendar year.